Big Bug Business is a brand-new business model first proposed by many experts from the market research institute of Australia Affecsun international group and first practiced by Affecsun's marketing department.
Big Bug Business merchant. Only people with social influence can call it "Big Bug". Big Bug Business merchant use their influence as big bug to make profits. Big Bug Business merchant do not sell goods of a specific brand; we sell "our own lives."
Please search for such kind of friends in your life. They are healthy and rich, warm and kind, beautiful in image, have a wide range of friends, and have high taste. They are respected by everyone in the circle. The most important thing is that they are very close to you. If they recommend a certain product, you and your friends in the circle will be easier to accept. This kind of people are the big circle of friends in our life and potential Big Bug Business merchant.
When your life is fully displayed to everyone through some or several kinds of self-media, let everyone see that you are so outstanding, happy and positive energy. While admiring you, everyone naturally wants to explore your way of success and want to become as successful as you by learning from your way of success. As a result, any scene in your life has become an advertisement, and the commodities you use in your life have become the commodities you speak for. By this way, you can obtain economic benefits and become a Big Bug Business merchant.
Compared with common business models, Big Bug Business merchant not only have a good social image, but also have a strong ability to carry goods, which can be said to be a double benefit of social status and economic benefits.