Affecsun International Group was established in 1984 and headquartered in laverton south in Melbourne, capital of Victoria, Australia. It is a world-renowned biotechnology group.

After decades of development, the group has built a full industrial chain model integrating scientific research, production and sales. It has product research and development center, quality control center, digital production center, marketing center and international business center. The whole production line has realized globalization of raw material selection, digital integration of finished product processing, 5A-level standardization of quality inspection and integration of production bases.

The group has a scientific research team composed of many internationally renowned experts. With its strong technical ability, the group has successively developed a number of health products with high recognition in the international market. The products sell well in dozens of countries such as Australia, the United States, Britain and Germany. Based on its absolute strength and influence in the field of biotechnology, the group has entered into cooperative relations with several top international nutrition brands, providing long-term raw material supply and technical support to these top brands.

Affecsun International Group, as a top power in the field of global biotechnology, takes "Affection and Nature" as its core concept, takes rigorous scientific attitude as its own duty, takes pure natural raw materials as its foundation, and takes the world's leading manufacturing technology as its means to continuously create revolutionary products that shock the industry.